What Are The Main Things We Like To Add In Uniforms?

A uniform is an attire which has been worn by the group of people that represent a specific organisation. They have to wear that uniform when there is an activity going on in the organisation. For example, there is a sports day in a multinational firm. All the players that are participating in a match shall bound to wear a uniform that has been given to each team. All the people who supports the team also wear that uniform. A uniform is worn by the players, students and the people who are working for a special organisation like navy, army and other forces also wear a uniform. It shows that they belong to an organisation which has a set of some rules.

The Important Features of a Uniform:

If we specifically talk about custom sportswear in Melbourne, there are many things that has been considered as important. Following are the things that we never left out in uniforms.


A logo is basically a symbol of anything. When there is a logo, we do not need words. For example, the logo of a country is its flag. When we play sports on international level, a logo of flag has been made always so that people can recognise without having a name of country.

Name of a Player:

A name of a player is so much important on a uniform. A name is basically written on the back side of a shirt. In winters, we need to wear uppers and jackets, a shirt is covered by the jacket. So, we also have a name on the back side of a jacket so people can easily know who is standing in front.

Sponsored Company:

The companies who has sponsored the match also want to marketing and recognition. When they sponsor a match and give money to the owners to arrange a match, in return they want publicity. S, in uniform they want their logo and name of a company to be there. So that many people look their name and buy products and services from them.


The design of a uniform has been designed by famous people. We have seen national and international matches, the uniform in all the matches has some slight changes. All the players wear same uniform. So, the design and the material play a vital role including colour.


In all the matches, all the players are given a special and independent number. That number is lucky for them. A number is also written on the back side of a shirt above the name of a player.


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